Friday, April 25, 2008

The Scavenger Hunt!!!

Are you interested in a modern day treasure hunt? Well, you have come to the right place…

Asheville Seasons Bed & Breakfast is proud to be a part of this year’s AsheCache program. This jam packed adventure runs from May 20th through June 23rd, 2008.

Are you an avid cacher? New to the idea…? Well come join us here in Asheville, NC to see what all the excitement is about!! You are sure to get hooked and make caching your new hobby!

AsheCache combines geocaching with the intrigue of a treasure hunt for visitors staying in participating area accommodations. The Ultimate AsheCache will lead your exploration of the Asheville area. With your hand held GPS you will visit numerous spots to find clues for the coordinates which will ultimately lead you to the final treasure. Early bird gets the worm. A new treasure is hidden every Tuesday for the duration of this geocaching extravaganza! The value of the hidden treasure…$50-$320.00! The five themed caches range from culinary, arts, shopping, outdoor inspired and romance. There is something for every cacher. Do you have what it takes to find what is hidden right here in our enchanting city of Asheville? Can you feel the lure of it pulling you in?

Reserve your spot today!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tribute to Grammie!

It is kind of apparent at this point that we have themed our Asheville Bed & Breakfast around the change of seasons. When we originally purchased this Inn there was not much in the way of art or paintings. What was left behind did not fit into our plan. We operated many months with barren walls. Needless to say, we were anxious for some art and paintings, but did not want to rush out and just buy anything. We did not know what we were looking for, we just knew we would know it when we saw it. Well, that day finally came last August when TAG's father sent us an email of several different paintings. All were done by the hand of Grammie, who did not start painting until well into her 60's. Aunt Cathy tells us that is around the time she learned to drive too. Just goes to show you, it's never too late...As we viewed the paintings, it struck us as ironic that she was apparently inspired by the seasons. It seems that Winter was her favorite, as there were several more of those. How appropriate! We were honored and accepted the paintings. We anxiously waited for their arrival and promptly hung them in all the appropriate places. Who would have can be very interesting, can't it?
Grammie and Pop Pop both passed at the age of 91, just five months apart. They had a long and wonderful life together. They were married for an impressive 68 years! We are so very proud to display Grammie's paintings and be able to share them with all of you. We do hope when you come to Asheville Seasons Bed & Breakfast, you appreciate them as much as we do. We thank TAG's father, aunt, and uncle for gifting these to us. We will treasure them always. Following is a picture of Grammie and Pop Pop at their 66th anniversary dinner party and photos of her paintings. As you will see, Pop Pop was a rascal at his ripe ol' age and Grammie doesn't seem to mind!!!

Got to love their spirit!
Grammie: Dec. 11, 1915-Dec. 24, 2006
Pop Pop: Aug. 9, 1915-May 25, 2007

Apparently TAG has a few hidden talents of his own. TAG's mom gave this painting (below)to us after we were given Grammie's paintings. TAG painted it a little over 20 years ago...who must run in the family...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Trolley Around Asheville

Well, to continue with what we have been up to here at Asheville Seasons Bed & Breakfast...not only have we been making some changes on the inside, but we have been building relationships on the outside. One of those relationships is with the folks over at the Asheville Historic Trolley Tours, locally owned and operated, The ORIGINAL trolley of Asheville, NC!
Asheville, like many cities in our great nation is steeped in history. What a better way to learn the history and lore of Asheville, than by a historic trolley tour. Asheville Seasons Bed & Breakfast has arranged to have our guests picked up right outside our door. Not only that, and exclusive to us, we are able to extend a special price to our guests. The trolley boarding pass allows re-boarding privileges, so get off at any of the stops for sightseeing, shopping, or dining. Be sure to hang on to your boarding pass for free admission to the Thomas Wolfe Museum AND stop by the Chocolate Fetish for a free chocolate. YYYUM!
When you come
visit us here in Asheville at Asheville Seasons Bed & Breakfast be sure to hop on board the ORIGINAL and best, Asheville Historic Trolley Tours!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Changes at Asheville Seasons Bed and Breakfast

Well our day off was short lived. We have have been going at it nonstop ever since. That being said, let me get our apologies out of the way. We apologize for not blogging on a regular basis. We have been busy with some additional changes to our seasonal rooms. We are also in the process of making some changes and additions to our website. That could be awhile, so we thought we would share with you some pictures that reflect some of the changes in a few of our rooms.
The first picture is our Winter room. We have changed the wall color in the room to a frosty blue. All of the artwork is of winter scenes, compliments of Grammie! What you do not see is our little bit of whimsy in the room. We have hung antique snow sleds and snow shoes on the walls. Just a few things Ginger picked up in Germany when she lived abroad. Good thing she hung on to them. We love the way this room has turned out.

The following two pictures are of our Spring room. We have made a few changes here. First, many of you know the story of the bed, well here is a picture for those that have not seen it. Other than the bed, we have not done as drastic a change as we did in our Winter room. (Give me time) We took a few pieces of furniture out of the room and replaced our sitting area with some great antique chairs and an adorable round table with a glass top. We have placed a beautiful credenza behind the chairs at the bay window. We found a couple of new bedside tables with lamps that work well with the mix of blooming colors in the room. We have had one of our repeats guests (I think 3 or 4 times since last July) tell us that our Spring room feels tranquil. Isn't that a nice compliment? They always stay in this room. They will be visiting us at Asheville Seasons Bed & Breakfast again here soon.

The last picture is of our Cottage room. It was a sleeping porch many many years ago, over 100 years ago. WOW! Don't you just love old homes? We moved the medicine cabinet to the opposite end of the room facing the bed to give a more open feeling. By doing this we were able to create a sitting area for two. Yes this is a small room, but quite a popular room. It is very quaint and cozy. We have changed the color scheme and hung a few odds and ends on the walls for visual interest. It is still kind of a shabby chic kind of room and it feels happy.

Well, I hope you have all enjoyed viewing our pictures of our rooms. We will get our website updated as soon as we can. Also, look for some upcoming specials and packages we will be introducing on our website. We can't wait to see you all here in Asheville and we look forward to your stay at Asheville Seasons Bed & Breakfast!

We apologize for the pictures. TAG is a novice photographer.
Log in again in the next day or two. We will be doing a tribute to Grammie!